SOAK Lemon Lime: Mini Daisy Soap
SOAK Lemon Lime: Mini Daisy Soap

Soak Bath Co

SOAK Lemon Lime: Mini Daisy Soap

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Pamper yourself with this little treat from SOAK Bath Co! Infused with the zesty and refreshing blend of Lemon and Lime Essential Oils, the Lemon Lime Soap bar is the perfect pick-me-up for your senses. The adorable daisy pattern etched on top of each bar adds a touch of elegance to your daily routine. Elevate your self-care with this beautiful Lemon Lime Soap bar.

Sizing: These bars are smaller than our fullsize soap bars. For reference, our fullsize soap bars weigh approximately 165 grams while these minis weigh approximately 70 grams.

SOAK Bath Co is a woman owned brand based in Manitoba, Canada. Each of our products is handmade by our local team of women in our Canadian studio with all natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. We believe in creating sustainable products that make the best gifts and you feel great using on your skin. The best part, you can plant our soap labels and they'll grow into wildflowers!